About Me

Hello, and welcome to Made By Me Art Studio! I’m Jessica, and this has been a dream of mine for years and I am happy that my life has finally allowed me the opportunity to make this happen. I've been involved in art my entire life. As a child and a teenager, I would always do art projects with the kids in my neighborhood or while babysitting. I took as many art classes as I could in college. Now as a mother I find myself going to my kid's school and making art projects with their class. I love to see what the kids will make…it’s their creativity coming to life… what a beautiful thing to be able to make an item that you had in your mind. I personally feel today that kids do not explore the imaginative and creative side of their minds. Here at Made By Me Art Studio, I want to help enhance this in kids and adults.

I love all art mediums/art forms: metal, sculpture, mixed media, paper, painting, jewelry, clay & mosaics! I will help you explore and get creative with all of these categories. Another thing I am very very passionate about is helping people! Anxiety and low self-esteem issues are things that we all deal with, even as adults. I like to incorporate ways to relieve these things in the classes that I offer. I am shocked about how many kids are dealing with anxiety today. As a society, we are just too busy and torn in too many directions. As a parent, I know that we do not do it on purpose: it is just the day and age that we live in. I personally have suffered from panic attacks for over 20 years. I have learned many things over the years to help manage my anxiety.

I feel that art is a great tool to use to release some of the anxiety we deal with daily. As they say, “it takes one to know one.” To be clear, I AM NOT A LICENSED THERAPIST/ART THERAPIST AND WILL NOT BE ABLE TO GIVE PROFESSIONAL MEDICAL ADVICE. I will, however, be having licensed counselors come and talk about anxiety and tips on how to manage. We, of course, will have an art project that would pertain to the subject we would be discussing. Another thing that I feel passionate about is kids' self-esteem and teaching self compassion. I feel that these two topics are crucial to helping our kids grow up to be mentally healthy adults.  We will be having classes that pertain to these subjects as well.